Peter Berry

Peter Berry is a full-stack web and mobile software engineer and consultant. Peter has a Masters Degree in Computer Science and has been programming for nearly 30 years. In the software engineering sub-specialties, Peter is a database designer, systems administrator, and platform architect with 14 years of broad experience. Currently focused on Java and PHP web applications utilizing open source tools such as Debian Linux, Apache, Hibernate, Spring and PostgreSQL. Peter has also developed interest and skills in independent desktop games, especially game play mechanics and NPC behavior. 

At Textile Peter has led all development and integration work - becoming expert in CRM integrations and custom Business Intelligence. Peter is the chief architect and developer of Textile’s SaaS BI platform, Clarinet. 

As a Columbia university History graduate, Peter always offers thoughtful and balanced perspective from what was and what can be. 

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Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer
Comprehensive expertise in both front-end and back-end technologies. Peter can design, develop, and deploy feature-rich applications on a wide variety of platforms.
Software Solutions Architect
Peter, a skilled Software Solutions Architect, excels in crafting scalable and secure software systems. His expertise lies in analyzing requirements, creating architectural blueprints, and guiding development teams for optimal solution delivery.
Digital Game Designer
Peter combines creativity and technical prowess to conceive and develop engaging gaming experiences. Encompassing conceptualization, design, and implementation of interactive and captivating digital games.

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