We help companies scale with hubspot

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A full-service digital agency with creative and technical talent aligned toward helping large organizations achieve their goals.
Enterprise Onboard & Consulting
Certified for Professional and Enterprise onboarding, Textile's expertise ensures your pipeline and marketing automaton are aligned to your business processes.
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Custom Integrations, Extensions and Templates
Our custom private and public apps and dev capabilities ensure that you get more than HubSpot Out-Of-Box capabilities.
HubSpot Powered Campaigns and Content Marketing
Once the table is set, let us run your content marketing, social marketing and drip campaigns for maximum return on investment.

10 Week hubspot onboarding

A roadmap to a Professional sales Pipeline and lead funnel.

Pay as You Go
A professionally onboarded and configured sales and marketing automation pipeline based on insights-driven strategic recommendations uncovered by working directly with you:
your time commitment
3 Hours
  • Kickoff call: 1hr
  • Build setup survey: 1hr
  • Kickoff call: 1hr
Let's get everything ready
  • Revenue team call
  • Goal setting
  • Strategy development
  • HubSpot technical setup
a 3 week flag marker
Finalized technical setup for your hubspot account.
your time commitment
3 Hours
  • SLA development: 1hr
  • Strategy review: 1hr
  • Hub setup consultation: 1hr
Let's build this thing
  • Strategic all-tems alignment
  • Big win identification and achievement
  • Informed hub customization
an 8 week flag marker
Full company alignment and first win success
WEEKS 9-10
your time commitment
3 Hours
  • Reporting consultation: 1hr
  • Reporting schedule review: 1hr
  • Revenue planning consultation : 1hr
Results, Rinse & Repeat
  • Reporting dashboard customization
  • Establish all-team reporting schedule
  • Portal audit & revenue planning
a 10 week flag marker
Reporting schedule established and strategy optimizatin for future growth.
get The most out of your investment

Unlock the Power of HubSpot with Custom Integrations

At our agency, we specialize in developing custom HubSpot integrations that take your business to the next level. With our expertise in web development and our preferred CMS, Webflow, we can create seamless and powerful integrations that maximize the capabilities of HubSpot.

hubspot to erp & outside data

Let us pull it all together. Outside data should be inside. We'll set up CRUD operations through existing or custom apps.

supercharged workflows

Custom applications and integrations allow you to get more out of HubSpot OOB workflow capabilities.
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run the business monthly digital marketing

no pain campaigns that gain

Let us take care of it. Digital marketing campaign strategy, design, implementation and measurement. It’s what we do. Share your objectives with us, and some insights, and we’ll take it from there.

It starts with building a social and content marketing calendar that align to rhythms of your business, the seasonality of your market, and the behaviors of your target audience.

We'll turn that calendar into an SEO and insights-rich content engine. We write. We post. We boost and we measure.

And if spend is available for programmatic campaigns, we handle those also with DSPs through our platform of choice, StackAdapt.