Brea Corwin

Brea Corwin is a passionate and curious problem solver who has mastered the delicate art of balancing storytelling and data.

With 20 years of experience spanning nonprofit, agency, and corporate SEO account management, Brea harnesses the power of pattern-based data analysis and a mind educated in both art and science to provide superior organic SEO strategies combined with incisive website security and technical SEO audits.

Brea's expertise spans industries including industrial/commercial/logistics, legal, animal and human health and wellness, science and medical, SMBs, and local commercial and residential service providers. Companies such as CorningWare, Pet Greens, and Privé Revaux (co-founded by Jamie Foxx) have benefited from Brea's e-commerce SEO acumen.

Brea has an intimate understanding of the content-related aspects of organic SEO which translates to writing that’s not only compelling but also primed to rank. Their writing speaks to the heart, drives curiosity, and catalyzes conversions.

The narratives they craft resonate deeply, striking chords with readers from all walks of life. Their writing captivates attention, engages the intellect and emotions, and, most importantly, inspires action.

Whether it’s crafting compelling site content, insightful blog posts, grant and sales proposals, software and website audits, engaging product descriptions, or persuasive paid ad copy, each piece is unique and engaging.

Brea graduated magna cum laude from the University of MN-Twin Cities, earning a BA in English, with a minor in Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature. They also earned a Mini-MBA in Nonprofit Management from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.

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Organic & Technical SEO Expertise
SEMRush Certified in Technical SEO and deeply skilled in agency and corporate SEO Account Management, Brea offers 20 years experience in both the art and science of search engine optimization.
SEO Content Writing & Architecture
With 20 years of web content writing and content architecture experience, Brea crafts narratives that captivate readers and align with best practices in SEO and user experience.
Technologically Savvy & Capable
Skilled in multiple CMS platforms and excelling in Organic and Technical SEO Account Management, Brea demonstrates exceptional expertise and a deep understanding of essential SEO tools and technology.

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