Allison Gahlon

Allison is a well-rounded graphic artist with almost 20 years of experience in print and digital solutions across a wide variety of industries and products. She is a versatile and continuous learner, equally excited about the branding projects as she is about the 60-page text-heavy instruction manuals. From Fortune 500 companies like Best Buy to small business owners just setting up shop, Allison is focused on successful and efficient outcomes unique to each project.

Working with retail companies, non-profit organizations or anyone in between has given her vast insight on multitudes of processes and keyboard shortcuts allowing her to create the perfect graphic solutions. When her head isn't up in the (Adobe Creative) clouds, Allison is wife to Brian, a physical therapist, and mom to three hilarious kids (+ 2 cats: Koopa & Sisu).

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Print Design
As a print 'O.G.' Allison excels in crafting visually stunning print materials, seamlessly merging aesthetics with functionality for impactful communication.
A master of fonts and layouts, Allison's expertise in typography brings textual elements to life, enhancing the overall visual appeal and readability. A fonts nerd.
Allison's adept use of InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop showcases her problem-solving prowess. She always finds a way to do something in a more efficient or precise way.

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