Building an Iconic New Brand and Catalog for Quick Shipped Products

Textile developed the SWIFT catalog for SAFCO, featuring quick-ship products available within 48 hours. The catalog incorporated a custom look and feel, elevating the SWIFT name within SAFCO and providing a new strategy for their channel.

Brand Identity Creation

Catalog Design

Interactive Resource Development

Channel Strategy Development


Transforming SAFCO's Quick-Ship Product Offerings with the SWIFT Catalog

Textile collaborated with SAFCO Products to create the SWIFT catalog, an innovative solution designed to help customers quickly realize their workspace vision. The catalog features a curated selection of products that can be shipped on demand within 48 hours, making it easy for customers to design an entire space swiftly.

To develop the SWIFT catalog, Textile worked closely with SAFCO to identify essential product SKUs for the company to sell. These products were chosen based on their on-hand quick-ship capability, ensuring that customers could receive their orders promptly.

Developing a Unique Identity for the SWIFT Product Category

Textile took the initiative to develop the SWIFT category as a pseudo-brand within SAFCO, creating a unique identity that would stand out in the market.

We designed a custom look and feel for the catalog, incorporating visually appealing elements and a user-friendly layout that made it easy for customers to navigate and find the products they needed.

Crafting an Engaging and Interactive Quick-Ship Product Resource

The resulting SWIFT catalog was a beautifully designed, interactive resource that showcased SAFCO's quick-ship products in an engaging and accessible format.

The catalog's success led to the development of a second version, further solidifying SWIFT's position within SAFCO's product lineup.

Elevating the SWIFT Name and Providing a New Channel Strategy

Textile's work on the SWIFT catalog played a significant role in elevating the SWIFT name within SAFCO and providing the company with a whole new strategy for their channel.

Textile helped SAFCO better serve their customers' needs and streamline the ordering process, ultimately contributing to increased sales and customer satisfaction by focusing on quick-ship products and creating a dedicated catalog.

SAFCO's SWIFT Catalog Quick-Ship Product Offerings
SAFCO's SWIFT Catalog Quick-Ship Product Offerings

Amanda Williams
Sr. Manager | Marketing