Optimum Design Associates Brand Refresh & Website Design

Textile expanded Optimum's brand identity based on their existing logo and created a new website to showcase their 30 years of engineering experience. The website was wireframed, written, designed, and developed using HubSpot CMS to tell Optimum's story effectively.

Branding Identity Refresh

Website Design on Hubspot


Refreshing Optimum Design Associates' Brand Identity and Website

Optimum Design Associates, a company with a 30-year history and a strong reputation in the industry, approached Textile to refresh its brand identity and create a new website that would effectively communicate its expertise and experience in electronic design and engineering services.

Expanding the Existing Brand Identity

Textile began by expanding Optimum's existing brand identity, using their well-liked logo as a foundation. The agency carefully developed a cohesive visual language that would be applied consistently across all brand touchpoints, ensuring a strong and recognizable brand presence.

Crafting a Powerful Website to Tell Optimum's Story

Next, Textile focused on creating a new website that would serve as a powerful tool for telling Optimum's story. We started by wireframing the site, creating a clear structure and user flow to guide visitors through Optimum's services, history, and values.

With the wireframes in place, Textile's content creators crafted compelling copy highlighting Optimum's 30 years of engineering experience, passion for their work, and commitment to professionalism and proactive communication.

Our designers then brought the website to life, creating visually engaging layouts showcasing Optimum's expertise and successes.

Leveraging HubSpot CMS for Seamless Development and Ongoing Success

Textile built the website using the HubSpot content management system to ensure a seamless and efficient development process. 

This industry standard CMS allows for easy updates and maintenance while providing robust analytics and marketing tools to support Optimum's ongoing growth and success.

The result was an attractive and user-friendly new website that celebrates Optimum's 30 years of achievement and positions the company for ongoing success.

Nick Barbin
CEO & Co-Founder