Brand & Website for Retail Consulting Startup OneBridge

Textile created a brand identity and website for OneBridge, including logo design, brand style guide, strategic wireframing and web development using Webflow CMS and HubSpot integration. The project showcases OneBridge's expertise, helping them succeed in the competitive retail and eCommerce market.

Logo & Identity

Brand Style Guide

Webflow Website

HubSpot Setup

Motion Design

Crafting a Comprehensive Brand Identity and Website for OneBridge

OneBridge, a company dedicated to enhancing connections between brands and the world's best retailers, approached Textile to create a strong brand identity and website that effectively showcases their expertise and services.

Understanding OneBridge's Vision and Values

Our team created inspiration boards and gathered mood inputs to gain a deep understanding of OneBridge's vision and values. Using these insights, the agency crafted a unique and memorable logo to serve as the foundation for OneBridge's visual identity.

Developing a Cohesive Brand Style Guide

Textile then developed a comprehensive brand style guide, outlining the color palette, typography, imagery, and other design elements to be used consistently across all of OneBridge's marketing materials. This ensured that the brand would be cohesive and recognizable, no matter where it appeared.

Textile then created a custom online brand guide so that the identity could be managed effectively across the organization's users.

Designing an Intuitive and Engaging Website

With the brand identity in place, we focused on the website design. Our team began by creating strategic wireframes and carefully planning the site's structure and user flow to ensure a seamless and intuitive experience for visitors.

Textile's designers then brought the wireframes to life, creating a visually captivating and immersive website that effectively communicates OneBridge's services and accomplishments.

Integrating Powerful Content Management and Marketing Tools

To ensure that OneBridge could easily manage their website content and integrate with their existing marketing tools, Textile built the site using the Webflow content management system and integrated it with HubSpot.

This powerful combination allows OneBridge to effortlessly update the website, track visitor behavior, and nurture leads through targeted campaigns.

Throughout the project, Textile maintained open communication with OneBridge, ensuring that every aspect of the brand and website aligned with their goals and expectations.

The result was a comprehensive brand identity and website that positions OneBridge as a leader in the retail and eCommerce space, ready to help brands succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

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